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I'm a wedding and elopement photographer based in San Luis Obispo, CA. Which is only the place Oprah named the "happiest city in America". No big deal. Above all, I'm a wife and mama. My husband is my best friend. So cliche' but it's the truth. He is my biggest supporter. He's the one who encouraged me to buy my first camera and put myself out there. We are polar opposites on most things but somehow that opposition creates balance. what we do have in common is that We are both home bodies. Our ideal date night includes a round of phase 10, watching planet earth and fast food milkshakes. We are most happy when we are with our kids at the beach jumping in the waves, having pizza/movie night Fridays at home or traveling to explore new places.

My style is indie, warm and romantic. I strive to capture couples in their most honest interactions. I create a calm and comfortable environment where you can truly be yourselves. I'm not here to put you in awkward poses or tell you to hold still and look at the camera. I'm here to draw out the intimacy and emotions that tell the truth of who you are together. You will walk away having had less of a "photoshoot" and more of an experience that explored your love for each other.

I have been photographing love since 2015. The day I picked up a camera I knew this was it for me. I am passionate about imperfect beauty, truth and story. I'm all about grace with a touch of grit.

If you resonate with me please come say hello.  

Let's do this! I can't wait to hear from you and make some magic together.

*about me photograph by Kacie Jones Photography