This shoot was important to me on so many levels. 
Here's a little back story.
I grew up on the Central Coast of California in a tiny little town called Arroyo Grande.  When my husband and I got pregnant with our first child we decided it was too expensive and moved to Arizona.  When my husband got laid off in Arizona we moved to Las Vegas, NV.  His dad lived there and helped us get back on our feet.  Then my husband realized work was hard to come by and joined the United States Navy.  Right after he enlisted we found out we were pregnant again and I moved back to CA to live with my parents while he went to boot camp and A school.  While he was in bootcamp my step mom took a job in Las Vegas and so back to Las Vegas we went.  We told ourselves it would be temporary.  Just until we could move home to CA.
Fast forward 8 years and there we were still in Las Vegas.  Now Las Vegas is no where near the worst place you could live but having grown up in 70 degree weather near the ocean our whole lives you can imagine why that never felt like home.  
By this time we had also had our third child.  Moving home to CA was extremely risky given the cost of living.  We decided it was worth the risk and long story short after less than a month of putting it out in the universe here we are.  Living in Grover Beach and spending almost every evening watching the sunset over the pacific ocean. 
On top of that I am now starting from scratch with my photography business. 
One might think I was crazy to move when my business was finally taking off in Las Vegas.  But, I trust that with big risk comes bigger reward.
I decided to put out a model call to start building my portfolio and getting my name out on the central coast.  This lovely couple answered that call. 
Meet Scarlett + Jonathan.
I'm so glad THEY were my first couple to photograph on the central coast.  Crazy thing is she lives in Alabama and he lives in Arkansas. 
When the stars align magic happens.
These two were so sweet.  Southern charm is a real thing you guys!
I had the best time climbing rocks, running on the beach and laughing my ass off with these two.
Thank you Scarlett and Jon.  You started this beach life off with a bang for me.
I am forever grateful.

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